Refer-the-Amazed cards

מחיר מבצע מחיר €5.00 מחיר רגיל מחיר ליחידה  לְכָל 

מס כולל.

Do you own a NEBULITE and get asked constantly where you got it from, and are sometimes a bit annoyed by that?

Fret no more!

You can now make $$$ with NEBULITE, by ordering these clever cards!

By handing them out, the amazed person will get 10% off, and you will get 10% commission!

AND: if you choose store credit instead of PayPal payout, you get another +5% commission on top!

We found a printer that will print 2500 cards (yes!) for pretty much the same money as 100, so we thought: YOLO ;D!

Pay 5€ now to get the cards, and instantly receive a 5€ BONUS on your NEBULITE Friends account.