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The brand-new (June 2022) Fanny Pack 2+ with fiber optic front and top side!

First of all: thanks to our fans, we're sold out!
500 pieces of v2 went away like warm buns, as se Germans say.

We now optimized the design even further and are proud to present v2+!


  • Added lining to the hidden pocket in the lid
  • The lid pocket's zipper is now hidden
  • Optimized repairability (LED/Fiber couplers separate easier)
  • Lowered LED excess heat
  • Unconfirmed feature (waiting for controller pre-production sample):
  • Delivery in June 2022 (but please don't kill us if we're slower, there are always a lot of factors that can go wrong)



  • Warm-White as an additional color inside the LEDs (instead of just Red/Green/Blue)
  • Doubled brightness!
  • Waterproof front- and topside
  • Tidy inside - only one USB cable thanks to the optimized inside illumination
  • Illuminated inside and back-pocket! Never search for stuff again.
  • App-Controlled (iOS + Android), no more handheld remote controls.
  • Now with cotton lining
  • Highest quality, super dense cotton on the back side, more dirt resistant and feels awesome on the skin
  • All zippers are now by YKK, the world's highest quality producer.
  • Higher quality strap
  • Extra secret compartment in the lid
  • Highly repairable thanks to the accessible lining
  • Machine washable at soft setting in washing net with electronics removed (1 minute of work).

Product information

  • Connectors: standard USB plug to connect a power bank (power bank NOT included!)
  • Measurements: 26cm high, 16cm wide, 9cm deep
  • Weight: 0,35kg
  • Power usage: maximum 400mA, typically 200mA
  • Material composition:
    • 40% Cotton
      (back side, lining, half of the fiber optic fabric)
    • 36% Polyester
      (waterproof layer & belt)
    • 20% Polyamide
    • 4% PMMA
      (optical fibers)