NEBULITE® Custom tailored Jacket / Vest

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This unique jacket is a head-turner at any party.

Now custom made, just for you!

You have a bunch of customization options:

  • Choose if you want a light-up hood, a bomber-jacket like collar, or BOTH, swappable with a zipper.
  • Choose if you want a vest or a jacket (with or without arms), OR if you want to decide minute-by-minute, also with a zipper.
  • Optional slim fit
  • Choose your inside lining material!
  • Choose your base color!
  • Choose if you want it prepared for the new upcoming shoulder modules, such as sky-lasers, endless mirrors or even tiny smoke machines.
  • Choose if you want heating!
  • Any logo you want on the fabric? We got you covered

Other features include:

  • High-Quality craftsmanship: a ton of Handwork went into these jackets, everything is sewn perfectly!
  • unlimited animation modes and colors available with the new app!
  • contains our Smart Controller: beat and dance detection, bicycle mode and many more features to control at your fingertips
  • Bicycle mode of the Smart Controller utilizes the many individually addressable LEDs of the jacket to create a very visible turn indication and brake light
  • if you choose the base color black - you can wear it during the day like any other jacket
  • a full night of battery power with a tiny power bank. Between 0.1 and 1 amps of power consumption, hugely depending on the animation you set, if the heating is on etc.
  • The power bank can be attached in the left pocket. You can use your own USB power bank (as long as it's >=1A), or buy 1 or better 2 of our tiny 5000mAh powerbanks.
  • We recommend having one powerbank attached to the USB port, and a spare one in the other pocket, to have a better weight distribution while dancing :)!



  1. Decide and click the options you want!
    Keep in mind: if you don't order sleeves, you will receive a vest!
  2. Order!
  3. AFTER your order, we will contact you to get your measurements!
    Either measure by hand, or with the awesome Tailorguide app:


NOTE: Fiber optic fabric is a material that changes appearance over time. Wrinkles, such as in the elbow pit, will become permanently visible. This is to be expected as it is with leather jackets etc.

We like the look very much, as it shows it's actively worn jacket.