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NEBULITE® Lux - the mother of faux fur coats

NEBULITE® Lux - the mother of faux fur coats

$990.00 USD

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

Welcome to Lux: A bold fusion of innovative technology and distinctive style. This is not just a faux (fake) fur coat, but an expression of your radiant personality, the perfect accessory for Burns and nighttime festivals.

Equipped with (up to, see below) 1,224 sparkling LEDs intricately hidden underneath the fabric, Lux radiates an energy that turns any event into a magical light show. A reversible coat with incredibly soft, mid-length fur on one side and luxurious emerald sateen on the other, adding a touch of elegance. It's not just a piece of clothing, but a captivating experience that captures the colors of your spirit.

Lux transforms every night. With its reversible design and seamless snap buttons, you can effortlessly switch styles, just like the ever-changing experience of a festival.

More than fashion, Lux is an expression of your boldness, your audacity to shine and own the night. It’s an invitation to everyone to be part of the magic of nighttime festivals and Burns.

Order now and be ready for the festival season and coming winter!

This is a limited edition of just 50 pieces. Every delivery is way to order and will be produced specially for the customer without waisting any resources. 
Please allow for up to 2 months for the delivery!

The prototype we shot the first batch of photos with had over 1200 LEDs, that needed to be dimmed down to 20% in order to "only" need 6A of energy.
6A are THREE power banks, on at the same time. And a standard 5000 mAh powerbank can do that for less than 2 hours...
With 100% brightness, the coat would need 8!! power banks running at the same time, with well over 15A. That's what a car needs to start :D

So: we'll use less LEDs in the final product (between 400 and 600), and dim them down to about 60-80%, as that's the most efficient percentage.

This saves weight (!), money (would be 50% more expensive with 1200 LEDs) - and energy.

Inherently, this coat will still need a shitload of energy. Be prepared to carry at least two 10.000mAh power banks with you to make it a full night.
And we strongly suggest to dim the coat down, and only turn it up to 2A if you want to blind people (or shoot photos).

It's still very bright at 10%, just play around with it :).



  • Outside pockets: 2 (for your hands)
  • Inside pockets: 4 (2 for tech, 2 very large ones for bottles etc)
  • Inside lining: dark green sateen
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