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NEBULITE® Smart Controller v2 (Replacement Part / Upgrade Kit)

NEBULITE® Smart Controller v2 (Replacement Part / Upgrade Kit)

€39.00 EUR

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

The brand-new ESP32 based Smart 2 Controller. It's much smaller, cheaper and more powerful than v1!

Get it while it's still hot ;)

No but seriously, it's a work in progress.

What works:

  • Awesome animation engine with pretty previews in the app
  • Renaming your products (e.g. "Anna's Fannypack")
  • Firmware updates

What doesn't work yet:

  • Sound-to-Light
  • Dance-to-Light
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Bicycle Mode with brake-detection
  • Alexa, Siri, etc. integration

Also, as of March 2022, the iOS App is still not in the App Store, but we're working on it, now that it's finally stable enough.

Please only order this upgrade set at this point in time if you don't expect a 100% perfect product and don't get angry if something doesn't work as advertised.

Due to licensing issues etc, we're porting everything to WLED soon, which will come with a lot of new features and >50 new animations, so stay tuned.
Firmware update over-the-air works, so you can update easily with your phone.

Do you want to help us with coding? Write me at

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