NEBULITE® Drawstring Backpack

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Drawstring backpack with fiber optic front side and illuminated drawstrings!

  • Handheld remote control with separate settings for inside and outside illumination
  • YES you read right: INSIDE illumination! stop searching for your stuff!
  • Get your group together and pair up with 1 of your remotes to create synched-up animations!
  • During the day, you can replace the front side with any sequin Funkelpatch! (Sold separately)
  • Machine washable at soft setting in washing net with electronics removed (10 seconds of work).

Product information

  • Connectors: USB-A plug to connect a power bank (NOT included!)
  • Measurements: 38cm high, 32cm wide, 6cm deep
  • Weight: 0,40kg (Cotton Drawstrings) / 0,50kg (El-Wire)
  • Power usage: maximum 330mA, typically 230mA
  • Material composition: 50% Cotton (Bag), 50% Polyester (Fiber Optics and Inlay)