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NEBULITE® Drawstring Backpack 2

NEBULITE® Drawstring Backpack 2

€150.00 EUR

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The second generation Drawstring Backpack with fiber optic front side and optionally illuminated drawstrings.

Key Features:

  • Sound-To-Light: Dance to your rhythm as high-power, waterproof LEDs sync to the music, offering the most luminous fiber optic accessory on the market.
  • Find Everything Easily: A brightly illuminated interior means you can quickly find what you need. Say goodbye to endless digging in the dark!
  • Stay in Control: With both app (iOS + Android) and included remote control, you have full control over your backpack’s lighting. Perfect for clubs where phones might be a no-go.
  • Comfort & Durability: Made with top-grade cotton that's dirt-resistant and feels fantastic against your skin. Plus, with its easily accessible lining and exchangeable LEDs, repairs are a breeze.
  • Easy Cleaning: Simply remove the electronics (a task that takes less than a minute) and machine wash on a soft setting inside a washing net.


  • Connectivity: USB-A plug (connect to your power bank - not included).
  • Dimensions: 38cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 6cm (D)
  • Weight: 0.26kg
  • Power Consumption: Approximately 0.25A at 5V
  • Materials: 50% Cotton (Bag), 50% Polyester (Fiber Optics and Lining)

Latest Upgrades:

  • Optimized closure for better security.
  • The light-up drawstring has been enhanced with PMA, an acrylic optical fiber, providing durability without compromising on brightness.
  • Adjustable drawstring length via a custom 3D printed part.
  • Uses the same controller as the renowned Fanny Pack 2+ and 3.

Note: Earlier sequin front side versions are not compatible with this model.

    Version differences

     V. Year Bright-ness Sound-To-Light


    App Light-Up-Strap
    1 2019 100% White only
    2 2023 300% (✓) RGB
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