Festival Kit

Hey everyone,

The festival kits are on their way from the supplier to us, and we don't actually have any pictures yet. So instead, we wrote the following list and hope you'll come visit this page again in a few days :)

Fan: Specifically a sensu, this hand fan will keep you cool during festivals, and tends to bring you a lot of friends on the dance floor.

Rain Poncho: For the rainy days - this essential part of any festival packing list will keep you and your stuff dry while still allowing you to dance in style.

Earplugs: While we all love festivals for their music, sometimes a quiet place to sleep can be a bit hard to find. But worry not, we've got you covered! 

Clipper: These are pretty self-explanatory - you've all held one, most of you will have used one, theyre exactly what you know and love.

3x Disposable Pocket Ashtrays: Must-have for smokers. Keep the environment clean and dispose of your butts in style :)

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