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€350.00 EUR

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

Availability: Sizes L to 3XL are immediately available, shipped straight from our Germany stock.

Unparalleled Control with NEBULITE Smart 3 Controller: Our cutting-edge NEBULITE Smart 3 controller brings Wi-Fi based interfacing, eliminating the need for a specialized app. Built upon our custom fork of WLED, it offers real-time preview renderings of presets. Dive into the ultimate user-friendly experience, where you can not only pick from a wide array of preset animations but also choose a separate color palette for each, such as an Aqua-colored lightning animation. Customize and add your own presets seamlessly.

Sophisticated Sound-to-Light Presets: Become the beacon of the party! Our advanced sound-to-light presets ensure you shine and dance to the rhythm, making every beat and melody come alive on your vest.

Special Features for DJs and Performers: With the option to control it centrally via ArtNet, it's perfect for stage performances and DJ sets, ensuring synchronization and amplifying the ambience.

Why Choose the NEBULITE Vest Over the Jacket?

  1. Stay Cool and Dance On: The vest's design ensures you remain less warm, perfect for clubbing and dancing the night away.
  2. Elegant Appearance: Say goodbye to visible wear folds, especially around the armpits.

Innovation in Illuminated Clothing: With the Smart Controller v3, our NEBULITE Vest and Jackets now stand unmatched worldwide in its feature offerings for lighting controllers in apparel. Step into the future of fashion and illuminate your nights with NEBULITE!

    Size Chart

    bust back shoulder waist
    XXS 99 67,5 42 95
    XS 103 66,5 43 99
    S 107 67,5 44 103
    M 111 68,5 45 107,2
    L 115 69,5 46 111,3
    XL 119 70,5 47 115,4
    XXL 123 71,5 48 119,5
    XXXL 127 72,5 49 123,6



    1. To make really sure to get the measurements right, please either measure yourself by hand, or take a thick-ish "normal" jacket and measure that :)
    2. Match your measurements with our size table.
    3. Place your order.
    4. We'll double-check your measurements post-order for accuracy.

    Care & Longevity: For optimal maintenance of all fiber optic products, avoid folding them against the grain of the fibers, especially under pressure. To safeguard the integrity of the material, use a rounded object, like a rolled-up T-shirt, to ensure a gentler curve when folding.

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    NEBULITE Collection

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