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€480.00 EUR

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

This unique jacket is a head-turner at any party.

- we only have a few pieces left in stock, please be aware that there might be a 4-6 weeks delivery time -

Features include:

  • Unlimited animation modes and colors available with the new app!
  • Contains our Smart Controller, be ready for the upcoming beat and dance detection update!
  • a full night of battery power with a tiny power bank. Between 0.1 and 1 amps of power consumption, hugely depending on the animation you set.
  • The power bank can be attached in the left pocket. You can use your own USB power bank (as long as it's >=1A), or buy 1 or better 2 of our tiny 5000mAh powerbanks.
  • We recommend having one powerbank attached to the USB port, and a spare one in the other pocket, to have a better weight distribution while dancing :)!

Size Chart

bust back shoulder waist
XXS 99 67,5 42 95
XS 103 66,5 43 99
S 107 67,5 44 103
M 111 68,5 45 107,2
L 115 69,5 46 111,3
XL 119 70,5 47 115,4
XXL 123 71,5 48 119,5
XXXL 127 72,5 49 123,6



  1. To make really sure to get the measurements right, please either measure yourself by hand, or take a thick-ish "normal" jacket and measure that :)
  2. Compare the measurements with the size table below and click the appropriate size.
  3. Order!
  4. We will follow up and ask for your measurements again, just to be sure :)

NOTE: Fiber optic fabric is a material that changes appearance over time. Wrinkles, such as in the elbow pit, will become permanently visible. This is to be expected as it is with leather jackets etc.

We like the look very much, as it shows it's actively worn jacket.

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NEBULITE Collection

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