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PRE-ORDER: NEBULITE® Top 2 - Lace-Up Back Crop-Top - June 2024

PRE-ORDER: NEBULITE® Top 2 - Lace-Up Back Crop-Top - June 2024

€200.00 EUR

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

Now accepting pre-orders for the new, deep-cut variant! (Delivery in June)

Both come with our NEW AND AWESOME sound-reactive, custom controller. On popular demand, they will also have a new layer on the inside, keeping the LEDs from shining though the fiber optic fabric.


Let yourself be captivated by our new NEBULITE® Top, when you let loose to the music and the fascinating glow pulsates to the same beat. This extraordinary crop top can be individually adjusted to your needs thanks to the corset-like lacing at the back. The thoughtful cut offers excellent support even without a bra and thanks to the satin lining it lies pleasantly soft and cool on your skin even on a heated party night.
This unique top was designed by the talented Isabelle (

No power bank needed!
  • Luminous NEBULITE® Crop Top
  • Unlimited animation modes and colors
  • Enjoy >50 awesome animations, separate color pallettes, and several sound-reactive modes -- not just based on sound volume, but also frequency.
  • Custom lacing in the back, similar to a corsage
  • One size fits all, fits S-XL thanks to the lacing
  • Two thin batteries, one per side, rest imperceptibly on your back (included)
  • Over 20 hours of battery power (!!)
  • Rechargeable via USB-C
  • Hidden pocket in the cleavage (yes, all our products have hidden pockets :)
  • Easily repairable
  • Machine washable (without tech, hand wash program, read washing instructions!).
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