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NEBULITE® Customized Jacket

NEBULITE® Customized Jacket

€700.00 EUR

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You can mix every product in the NEBULITE Collection!

This unique jacket is a head-turner at any party.

Now custom made, just for you!

Tailor-made to reflect your unique style, every feature of this jacket is customizable to your preference.

Customization Options:

  • Design Elements: Opt for a light-up hood, bomber-jacket collar, or both. Want detachable sleeves? We got it  swappable with a zipper.
  • Warmth on Demand: Choose the heating feature for chilly nights.
  • Personal Touch: Select your base color, inside lining, and even get it prepped for our exciting shoulder modules – including sky-lasers, endless mirrors, or mini smoke machines.
  • Logo Addition: Make a statement with any logo you desire on the fabric (pricing varies based on design).

Other Noteworthy Features:

  • Craftsmanship: Witness impeccable sewing with significant attention to detail, resulting from hours of dedicated handwork.
  • Bike Ready: Our Smart Controller's bicycle mode uses LEDs for visible turn indicators and brake lights.
  • Everyday Wear: Option for the black base color to wear this jacket just like any regular one during the day.
  • Fit & Size: Use the Tailorguide app for perfect measurements. We offer a wide range of sizes, from XXS to XXXL; regular & slim etc. 

Special Note: Fiber optic fabric undergoes visual changes over time. If choosing white fabric or adding a logo, returns won't be possible. Please ensure accurate measurements. 

  • Power Through the Night: With minimal power consumption, keep the lights on using a compact power bank. We suggest carrying two of our tiny 5000mAh power banks for balanced weight distribution while dancing.

    Size Chart

    bust back shoulder waist
    XXS 99 67,5 42 95
    XS 103 66,5 43 99
    S 107 67,5 44 103
    M 111 68,5 45 107,2
    L 115 69,5 46 111,3
    XL 119 70,5 47 115,4
    XXL 123 71,5 48 119,5
    XXXL 127 72,5 49 123,6



    1. Decide and click the options you want!
    2. Either measure yourself by hand, or with the awesome Tailorguide app:
    3. Compare the measurements with the size table above and click the appropriate size.
    4. Order!
    5. We would like to double-check your size decision!
      If you want to allow this, please, in the TailorGuide App, open the menu (the 3 lines on the top left), Stores, and grant NEBULITE Berlin permission to access your measurements.

    NOTE: Fiber optic fabric is a material that changes appearance over time. Wrinkles, such as in the elbow pit, will become permanently visible. This is to be expected as it is with leather jackets etc.

    We like the look very much, as it shows it's actively worn jacket.

    NOTE 2: If you choose white fabric or to add a logo, we cannot take back the jacket - so please make sure your measurements are correct!

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