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NEBULITE® Fanny Pack 3

NEBULITE® Fanny Pack 3

€90.00 EUR

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Glowing Fanny Pack 3

Light up your style with fiber optic light-up front and top side!

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Key Features:

  • Interactive Experience: Sound-to-light technology with the brightest fiber optics.
  • Stay Dry & Organized: Waterproof protection with a single USB connection.
  • Illuminate Your Essentials: Never fumble in the dark with an illuminated interior and back-pocket.
  • Seamless Control: App-controlled (iOS + Android) with an included remote for phone-free zones.
  • Supreme Comfort: Ultra-premium cotton backing that's gentle on the skin and dirt-resistant.
  • Quality First: Dependable YKK zippers and a sturdy strap. Plus, a sneaky secret compartment!
  • Eco-friendly: Designed for longevity, it's repairable with replaceable LEDs and hand-wash friendly.


    • Dimensions: 26cm (H) x 16cm (W) x 9cm (D)
    • Weight: 0.34kg
    • Power: Standard USB plug (power bank sold separately). Consumes up to 400mA.
    • Materials: Blend of cotton (40%), polyester (36%), polyamide (20%), and optical fibers (4%)
    • Connectors: standard USB plug to connect a power bank (power bank NOT included!)


    Version differences

     V. Year Bright-ness Sound-To-Light


    Strap Width
    1 2019 100%

    3 cm
    2 2021 200%

    3 cm
    2022 200% 3 cm
    2023 300% (✓) 4 cm

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